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Cupping Therapy

“ Cupping Therapy”, fascinating medicine, practiced for thousands of years all over the world and especially in China, was unfairly set aside for the era of chemical medicine. Fortunately for us, it is back for our greatest benefit. Mr. Daniel Henry, kinesiologist, osteopath, and founder of cupping medicine, perfected it by adding additional knowledge acquired by kinesiology, osteopathy, and Chinese energy medicine. The suction cups can be applied either hot or cold. If we compare circulation, i.e. meridians, to a highway, traffic jams represent blockages in the body. The suction cups are put on the jams, causing decongestion. Migraine is a congestion, so are osteoarthritis and lumbago. Results can sometimes be almost immediate, and without any harm. Efficiency:

  • In all the painful pathologies, depending on where the suction cup is applied, the mechanism at work will be different.

  • In the articular, rheumatic disease, for example, sciatica pain, shoulder sprain, and tendonitis, the cups have a fabulous indication.

  • Also in intestinal, digestive, gynecological pathologies (menstruation pain, menopause).

  • Migraines.

  • Ear nose and throat pathologies.

  • And even in dermatology: psoriasis, acne, eczema, allergies…

    These small round bottles work wonders on injuries and assaults on our bodies, leaving it relaxed and grateful.

  • $70/ 1h
  • $100/ 1h30