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Massage therapy



Kinesiotherapy is a specialty of massage therapy. It increases movement in your joints, your muscles become more flexible, it corrects your posture and solves acute or chronic pains. Sit for hours in front of a computer, for example, or overuse muscles and joints, and it will cause spasms and stiffness. Our goal is to restore normal movement to the affected area, limbs, or spine, in order to regain complete and pain free mobility. The kinesiotherapist will evaluate your posture in order to identify the cause of your pain and teach you an optimal posture on a daily basis. He will treat you through joint mobilization, work on inflammatory tissue, on relaxing contracted muscles through stretches, allowing loosening of the tissue. He can also give you advice to follow at home. Kinesiotherapy addresses all pains of the spine: acute and chronic pain in the lumbar, dorsal and/or cervical region. This allows you to get your mobility back, and decrease your pain. It treats sport injuries: muscular, sprains, surgeries. It works on joint pain: tendonitis, injuries following a fall, overuse at work. It restores your joints. It works with pregnant woman: backaches, heavy legs, pelvic heaviness, and post-partum abdominal reeducation. There is also respiratory physiotherapy for adults: bronchitis, colds, pneumonia, asthma. Children and infants will also be taken care of: bronchiolitis, bronchial congestion, colds, asthma, etc. In fact, the whole family will benefit from a physiotherapy session. The problem is more to decide who will go first!

  • $70/ 1h
  • $100/ 1h30